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June 19, 2008


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I LOVE the picture!!! The poem made my eyes get watery. Dogs are much more poetic than cats! If my cat wrote a poem it would say:

I'm hungry.
Come feed me.
Stop what you are doing.
Come feed me.

If I'm sleeping
Step around me.
Don't complain about my litter box.
Just be glad I'm using it.

And go clean it.
And come feed me.
Now go away so I can sleep.

Martha Garvey

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog (my name is Martha, by the way)...good luck with your great efforts.

To put YouTube videos on your site, go to the home page of the video you like, look on the right. There's a line that says "embed." Copy that link. Go back to your Typepad blog, create a new post, and choose the "edit html" command in your new post, paste the stuff you copied from YouTube, and save. Have fun!

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